pit's kitchen

East West Fusion food

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Pit’s Kitchen is based in Mangawhai and is owned and run by Pitsinee Chaisarn.  

Pit’s food reflects her Thai heritage and experiences of travelling and living in different parts of the world including Asian, Mediterranean and Western cuisine.

With a philosophy of providing nourishing food with no compromise in flavour, Pit loves using organic ingredients and free-range meat together with fresh organic herbs and spices to create her menus. Only the freshest and seasonal produce is used and where possible, sourced locally with particular emphasis on organic and free-range.  Everything is made with love from scratch. 

Pit works with her clients to create tailored menus specific to their needs. This could be a fully cooked breakfast, a working lunch for your meeting or canapés and evening dinner for your wedding. 



Pit's reason for starting a catering business is a belief that a healthy life starts with healthy eating.

She was dissatisfied about the quality of many mass-produced foods, and prefers to use mainly organic, preservative free and free-range ingredients to cater for all clients (and family members) with specific allergies. The satisfaction for Pit is the wonderful customer feedback, word-of-mouth promotion and many repeat clients.

Flavour and presentation differentiate Pit’s food from others and that is what Pit’s Kitchen reputation has grown on. Pit believes food is for the eyes and soul as well as for nourishment. She is a big believer in conscious living and conscious cooking and has been practising living plastic-free (as much as possible) for some time now.

After growing up in northern Thailand, Pit studied advertising and languages in Bangkok before training with United Airlines in Chicago. She flew with United for several years, based mainly in Asia, then left the airline industry (post 9/11) and moved to Sydney, Australia. Her training and experiences while working for United included customer service, styling and health and safety which naturally led Pit into the hospitality industry in Australia, where she worked for a number of hotels, restaurants, catering and events management businesses.


The food was out of this world and everyone commented on how fresh and beautiful it was. Her staff were efficient and her whole set up is so professional.

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