Organic Seeded Loaf

I have been making this loaf for quite sometimes and it has been my favourite loaf even our two (sometimes) fussy boys love it. I can't really go back to normal bread now. 

I would like to thank the Gaya Tree for the recipe and an inspiration, however, I have tweaked it a little bit. Gabrielle Louise from The Gaya Tree makes variety of bread and sell it at Mangawhai farmers market, an hour North of Auckland.

The recipe is quite forgiving, for example, I didn't have almonds but I couldn't use any other nuts as we have a child with nut allergy at home so I used threaded coconut instead. One time I ran out of chia seeds so I used buckwheat instead and again it still worked. 

It's so simple to make and you just need to make one or two loafs max a week for a family of four. It's quite filling so it will keep you full until lunch time if you have a piece or two for breakfast. I usually have it with avocado or just by itself. 

The recipe is so simple, just mix and bake but it requires some ingredients that you don't normally get from normal supermarket but you can just pop into any health shop and you will find them.

I use organic ingredients only but if you aren't fussed, you can just use what you have, but I would stay clear out of anything that has preservatives in it. 

Here is my recipe. I hope you enjoy it. XX

Seeded Loaf.jpg
Pip White